Group Personal Training

Do you train better in a group environment, are you a group of friends or family with similar goals or training towards an event.

Well group personal training will be for you, it adds an element of competition, camaraderie, additional support and motivation.

The sessions are aimed at the group achieving similar goals, understanding that the session isn’t catered directly for an individual but for a group.

We start with a group meeting to determine the direction the sessions will take, I’ll be able to asses both the needs of the individuals and the group as a whole.

Like with the 1-1 sessions you also get the following in addition to your group session:

  • Advice & guidance with your nutrition & healthy lifestyle change.
  • Motivation & support for whatever you need out of the sessions.
  • Home and gym training plans through my PT application.
  • Challenges throughout your block booking.

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Success Stories…

Gemma, 37

Great lifestyle change, overhauling nutrition and exercise to lose over 4 stone, become fitter, stronger and healthier. Gemma has since gained the confidence to join a gym, take part in fitness classes and take up hiking.

Ben, 24

Started 2019 at 19st 7 and ended the year at 14st 7, on his way to getting in the Navy.  Now regularly runs, attends the gym. He has grown in confidence and has changed both physically and mentally.

Julie, 52

Amazing transformation from Julie, 7 stones lost.  Shes gone from not feeling confident enough to leave the house to running Park Runs and walking 8-10 miles every weekend. Small changes adding up to a BIG change.