1-1 Personal Training

These sessions are completely focused on you ACHIEVING your GOALS in my totally private fully equipped fitness studio!

We all have different needs, motivations, goals, targets and barriers, this means the sessions are tailored and specific to YOU!!

The process starts with an initial consultation where we can talk about you:

  • What you want to achieve, your goals and aims from the sessions.
  • How I can best help you.
  • What your current level of fitness is and what experience you have.
  • How you are doing with your nutrition and your understanding of leading a healthy lifestyle.

From this I’ll get to understand you and the approach you will need in order for you to achieve, sorry SMASH your goals.

Your sessions will be 60 mins long in total privacy in my fitness studio, you will also receive:

  • Advice and guidance with your nutrition and healthy lifestyle change.

  • Motivation and support on whatever you need out of the sessions through the duration of your block booking.

  • Home and gym training plans to work through.

  • Use of my PT App to help guide you and track your progress.

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Success Stories…

Gemma, 37

Great lifestyle change, overhauling nutrition and exercise to lose over 4 stone, become fitter, stronger and healthier. Gemma has since gained the confidence to join a gym, take part in fitness classes and take up hiking.

Ben, 24

Started 2019 at 19st 7 and ended the year at 14st 7, on his way to getting in the Navy.  Now regularly runs, attends the gym. He has grown in confidence and has changed both physically and mentally.

Julie, 52

Amazing transformation from Julie, 7 stones lost.  Shes gone from not feeling confident enough to leave the house to running Park Runs and walking 8-10 miles every weekend. Small changes adding up to a BIG change.