Are you looking for structure, need help and advice on how to push yourself faster and further?  Maybe you have hit a plateau or keep getting injured?

Then my run coaching is for you!

I’ve been there! All of the above until I took my training more seriously, followed a plan, made myself accountable and pushed myself beyond what I thought was capable. 

My results speak for themselves over the last 7 years since I took up running:

5k – 2013 – 36:46 – 2019 – 17:46

10k –  2013 – 63:32 –  2018 – 37:30

21k – 2015 – 1:37:01 – 2022 – 1:25:50

Marathon – 2020 – 3:48

2016 (end of ironman) 4:10:48 – 2018 (end of Ironman) 4:00:10

All My Coaching Plans are delivered on the best coaching software around Training Peaks.

If you want to push yourself to the next level then come on board Team MGPT Run Coaching!

Heres what the package includes:

  • Initial Consultation with Me
  • Setting up and use of Training Peaks App
  • Joint goal setting
  • Bespoke tailored training plan
  • 4 Weekly training review
  • Weekly feedback on Training Peaks
  • Adjustments to plan once a week
  • Race day strategy, nutrition and preparation advice
  • Analysis of race performance
  • Online S&C plan to follow
  • Coach support via text & email
  • All the motivation you require
  • A passionate, understanding and accommodating coach

8 Week plan £80

12 Week plan £115

16 Week plan £150

Success Stories…

Jonathan, 52

Enjoyed the flexibility and feedback he received through coaching. He achieved new PBs at 1k, 1 mile, 10k and half marathon from his initial 8 week and subsequent 16 week block. Jonathan liked having some input into his plan and our communication was key for that to happen.

Suzanne, 43

Loved the structure and accountability of coaching, she achieved new PBs at 5k and half marathon.  She felt like she became a stronger runner and imporved her overall wellbeing through being coached.

Wendy, 37 & Craig, 38

Husband and wife team lead busy and hectic lives so needed a strict plan to stick to so they could achieve their new 10k and half marathon PBs.  Both loved using HR as a means of structuring their training sessions.